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Makes Sudoku Puzzles Ultimate Fun!

Here is the ultimate software to solve Sudoku puzzles!  If you are already an expert Sudoku solver, this software is a very convenient and easy-to-use platform for solving Sudoku puzzles.  If you are not yet an expert, but want to accomplish lots more in the Sudoku challenges, here is the software that enables you to achieve your fullest potential.  Below is an image taken from an actual puzzle showing the features and capabilities of this amazing software.  If you want to become super-proficient in solving Sudoku puzzles, even the difficult ones, this one is for you!  Ultra Sudoku Solver runs in Microsoft Windows and requires screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, or better.

To learn about: How the Ultra Sudoku Solver Software Works, Best Learning & Teaching Method --- 54 Powerful Sudoku Solving Rules Explained and Demonstrated, Help When You Get Stuck, and How to Order, see the complete details below the image.


How the Ultra Sudoku Solver Software Works:
Run Ultra Sudoku Solver and key in the starting Sudoku numbers, or click one button and create your own Sudoku instantly from a choice of six difficulty levels, then you begin the solving experience.  Use the optional Show Possibles feature to continually display the remaining cell possible values (candidates) as you solve the puzzle.  As you apply your analyses, edit the digits in the right grid eliminating cell candidates and reducing the possibilities.  As you enter solution digits in the left cells, the possible values of the remaining cells are automatically updated on the right.  While you edit the possible values in the right cells, you are narrowing the remaining candidates of the puzzle ultimately reaching a complete solution.

Ultra Sudoku Solver makes solving Sudoku fun!  No need for paper, pencils, erasers, scratch paper, or tedious creation of a possible candidates list for each puzzle cell.  The software prevents your errors by optionally creating the "Possible Values" list for unsolved puzzle cells for you, and at the same time keeping the list up-to-date as you progress toward the solution.  Errors in the current possible cell values are one of the biggest factors preventing Sudoku solvers from completing puzzles successfully.  This won't happen to you.

You may click on the Print Puzzle button anytime and your partially solved puzzle with the remaining possible values for unsolved cells are printed freeing you from being tied to your computer.

Toggle-on the optional Auto-Fill feature which automatically detects only one possible remaining value in unresolved puzzle cells and Ultra Sudoku Solver auto-fills those cells for you the moment you enter any solution digit anywhere in the puzzle.

Best Learning & Teaching Method --- 54 Powerful Sudoku Solving Rules Explained and Demonstrated:
Not only is Ultra Sudoku Solver a super-efficient way for you to solve Sudoku, it also is a great learning tool to teach puzzle solution recognition techniques from the easiest to the most complex.  It shows you by example how to recognize patterns and how to proceed to solve Sudoku puzzles.  The 54 powerful solution rules working together form the solving logic.  Just click the Rules Explained button, select a rule and you learn its specifics no matter how complicated it is.  Each rule is explained in clear English with an on-screen example of how to recognize its presence puzzles and what to do when you find it.  The software enables you to become a master of every one of the rules.  Become an expert and Ultra Sudoku Solver will be your preferred way to enjoy Sudoku from the simplest to the very complex Sudokus.

The generally recognized complex rules are built into Ultra Sudoku Solver and its Help explanations and examples: X-Wing, Finned X-Wing, Finned X-Wing Hybrid, Multi-value X-Wing, Swordfish, Jellyfish, Squirmbag, Y-Wing, XYZ-Wing, XYZ-Wing Hybrid, WXYZ-Wing, 5 types of Unique Rectangles, Hidden Rectangles, Quadruples, Quintuples, Sextuples, Septets, Single's Chains, 3-Link Hybrid Chains, XY-Chains, Avoided Rectangles,  Empty Rectangles, 6 Medusa rule types, Aligned Pairs Exclusion, Alternate Inference Chains,  Loops & Cycles, Sue-De-Coq, Nice Loops, and Forced Chains.  All of these complex solving techniques will become part of your Sudoku-solving knowledge because this program will explain in detail each rule and show you by example (all except Forced Chains) how to discover their presence and what to do when you find them ... with this knowledge you can smash Sudoku.

To review a brief description of all the Ultra Sudoku Solver rules click this link.

Help When You Get Stuck:
Have you become stuck solving a puzzle?  Well, not any more!  Use the convenient Save button that saves the puzzle, as it then stands, to your hard drive.  The Restore button reloads the stored puzzle from the hard drive so you can: 1) recover from errors you may make, or 2) come back later to resume an interrupted puzzle.  A Delete button deletes the stored puzzle when you no longer need it.

Don't know how to proceed?  There's a 1 Step button waiting for you.  Click it and the software advances one step from wherever you are in solving the puzzle giving you an explanation of what it accomplishes in that one step.  Perhaps, after using 1 Step just once, you can continue on your own.  It's like a hint, only better.  The 1 Step feature may be used as often as you want.

Are you really stuck?  Then click the Solve It button and the software will solve your puzzle for you.  Then a click of the Details button displays the step-by-step processes the software used to solve your puzzle right down to the action taken at the cell level ... or click the Summary button for a recap of the rules used to reach the solution.

There's a built in complete Help feature.  Click the Help button and select from the 23 help categories.  Or click the Rule Explanations button and select from the 54 puzzle solving rules for a full English description of each rule, how to recognize its presence in a puzzle (with on-screen examples), and what do when you find the rule-satisfying conditions.  There is even a step-by-step beginning-to-end example of solving a fiendish-rated puzzle.


How To Order:
Go to  www.PayPal.com  and use our payee ID, which is as the payee and clearly state in your order, in the Note Section, what you are ordering.  You may also use the PayPal button below. 
Ordering Options:

Delivery of the installation will be by zipped .ZIP file (about 2.8 megabytes) attached to an email to you with installation instructions.

Questions: Email us, Click Here.

Current Version: The current version of the software is 1.47.  Check this webpage occasionally versus the version number in the lower left corner of your Ultra Sudoku Solver screen to determine whether your version is current.  We keep a record of the unique serial number for each customer.  If your version is not current, pay $5.00 USD through www.paypal.com and we will email the latest version's zipped installation .ZIP file to you.  Support questions answered only when you as the owner of the software and its serial number (in the lower right corner of the software's screen) matches our records.  Same applies to current version orders, else no upgrade.


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