Bradley Stock Market Prediction Model in Windows

In 1948, Mr. Donald A. Bradley wrote a research booklet, "Stock Market Prediction -- The Planetary Barometer and How to Use It," on mass psychology and its impact on the U.S. stock market. The booklet is long since out of print and the publisher has indicated no future plan to republish his work.

At the heart of Bradley's work is the belief that elusive natural forces powerfully affect men's minds and emotions.  These forces are the broad cycles which determine underlying trends in world economic and political affairs over years, decades, and beyond.  Bradley concluded that the planetary aspects are the secret engine behind the cycles in mass psychology and he proved they are frequently revealed in the stock market.   Bradley found that the sum of planetary relationships, involving 190 planetary position combinations, could be categorized into what he called the Long-Term and Middle-Term Indicators.

Those found currently using Bradley's theory are few and they closely guard what they know and reveal on the subject, often charging rip-off prices for a Bradley plot. At the end of an almost endless trail, we finally obtained a copy of Bradley's research for which we paid dearly.  After studying his work, a decision was made to implement the intensive computations of the Bradley Indicator as a Microsoft Windows application and make it available to others for a very reasonable cost.  It's hard to believe Bradley completed his research without the benefit of a computer, doing the many thousands of calculations by hand.

Now you can easily compute and graph the Bradley Indicators on your computer and view, print, or save the graphed results in a .BMP file with this software.  The computed Long-Term and Middle-Term daily values  (Monday through Friday) for the whole year are shown on-screen as the Bradley Siderograph or may printed, to assist you in determining exact dates of indicator highs and lows (possible market turning points).  Users have the option to shift the siderograph up to plus or minus 30 days with just a click on a button.  The computed Long-Term and Middle-Term daily values may be saved as Comma Separated Values (.CSV format) into a text file easily importable into Microsoft Excel, Metastock, and other market analytical software.  Run this Bradley software and see when the Bradley Siderograph "forecasts" the mass psychology mood shifts that Mr. Bradley, after his intense research, declared affect the stock market.  The software runs in Microsoft Windows.

Running the Bradley Stock Market Prediction Model program is easy with clear on-screen instructions and by clicking your mouse.  However, applying the Model's computed output to the markets is based on the assumption the user adequately understands, and is completely comfortable with, Bradley's research and its underlying principles.  Purchase of the program does NOT include Bradley's 60-page research booklet noted above.

Click here to review a trading performance based on the Bradley Indicator's annual high and low (or major turning points). 

The Bradley Model software is only $50.00 (USD) and includes the current year's data free on the planetary positions required to drive the calculations.  Delivery is by either a zipped installation .ZIP file attached to an email to your email address or an installation CD, but not both, to US addresses.

Make sure your email in-box has adequate storage to receive an attached file of approximately 3.3 megabytes and your Internet service provider handles attachments of this size before you order with this delivery method

Foreign purchasers, delivery is only via a zipped installation .ZIP file attached to an email to your email address .

It may be necessary to temporarily disable your anti-virus checking software to receive the installation .ZIP file.  You will have to unzip the .ZIP file in order to install the Model; then you must run SETUP.EXE (one of the unzipped files) to install the Bradley Model software.

Additional data for years 1993 through 2024 is available thus enabling research of past and future years.  Data for years beyond 2024 may be offered on a timely basis.  Annual Bradley data other than for the current year, which accompanies the program, is only $20.00 (USD) for each year.

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The current version of the software is V1.28.  If you are a purchaser of our Bradley Model and do not have the latest version (shown on the software's second screen in the upper left corner) and desire the upgrade, the charge is $20.00 USD to make and deliver the current version via a zipped installation .ZIP file.  It is vital when you are ordering a new version of the software that you provide your current Bradley software's serial number which we track; else no replacement or upgrade.  If you are purchasing additional Bradley data, the $20.00 USD charge is waived, therefore pay only for the additional data ordered.
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