Bradley Stock Market Prediction Software

Donald A. Bradley documented his research in 1948, "Stock Market Prediction -- The Planetary Barometer and How to Use It," on mass psychology and its impact on the U.S. stock market.  His booklet, long since out of print, revealed his findings and exact computation methods underlying his discovery.  Bradley's work illuminates the elusive powerful natural forces affecting men's minds and emotions behind the broad cycles in world economic and political trends sometimes with pinpoint accuracy.  Bradley concluded that some 190 planetary aspects are the secret engine behind the cycles in mass psychology frequently occurring in the stock market.

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Ultra Sudoku Solver Software

Expert or beginner, Ultra Sudoku Solver is for you!.  Using this software you can max-out your potential to become Sudoku ultra super proficient in solving even the difficult puzzles.  The optional Show Possibles feature displays the real-time remaining cell candidates.  No need for paper, pencils, or erasers.  Ultra Sudoku Solver prevents your errors by creating each cell's Possible Values for you.  This is a great learning tool for mastering Sudoku techniques.  Become an expert and then Ultra Sudoku Solver will be your favorite way to enjoy Sudoku to the fullest.

Enter your start Sudoku puzzle numbers from an external source and you are ready to proceed.  Or by clicking just one button, you can create your own Sudoku puzzle instantly from a choice of six difficulty levels.

The Rules Explained button explains in clear English and by example how to discover each rule's presence and what to do.  The software shows you how to master all 54 powerful solution rules.  The extremely complex rules are built into the explanations and examples: X-Wing, Multi-value X-Wing, Finned X-Wing, Finned X-Wing Hybrid, Swordfish, Jellyfish, Squirmbag, Y-Wing, XYZ-Wing, XYZ-Wing Hybrid, WXYZ-Wing, 5 types of Unique Rectangles, Hidden Rectangles, Avoided Rectangles, Empty Rectangles, Quadruples, Quintuples, Sextuples, Septets, Single's Chains, XY-Chains, 6 Medusa rule types, Aligned Pairs Exclusion, Alternate Inference Chains, Loops & Cycles, Sue-De-Coq, Nice Loops, and Forced Chains.  Make these difficult solving techniques part of your Sudoku-solving knowledge, then smash Sudoku!  You're stuck and don't know how to proceed?  The 1 Step button awaits you; click it and advance one step.  Really stuck?  Try the Solve It button.

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